The Toilet Of The Future Corrects The Mistake We’re All Making In The Bathroom (via HuffPost)

Huff post toilet

Talk about turning a toilet on its head.  Take a seat & take a peek.  The squatty potty will revolutionize how you think about pooping.  And that’s a perspective changing game.

(The excerpt below is from the Huffington Post; read the entire article here, including more pictures.)

It wasn’t until our random introduction to the Squatty Potty earlier this year that we learned something was amiss with the way we use the toilet. A new creation by Central Saint Martins University graduates Pierre Papet, Victor Johansson and Samuel Sheard confirms our suspicion, and aims to “upgrade our current 130-year old flush toilet for better health and environment,” according to design site Tuvie, where we spotted the next-generation loo.

The Wellbeing Toilet, as its called, is designed to enhance the position of your body (and ultimately how you get rid of bodily waste) by enabling you to squat rather than sit.

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