We’ve taken the words right out of the mouths of our Life Lenses™ participants:

  • You are truly providing a tool for change like no other.
    Dyana Valentine
  • Overall, very helpful – provokes more looking into this (will try to apply more of the continuum approach!) Thanks!
  • Loved it – fun, informative and relevant as a trainer to know both self and clients A phenomenal look at how I look at the world.
  • Thank you, Lee-Anne for giving me some more tools to use as I test my own perspective.
    ~ Jason Womack, MEd, MA, CEO, The Womack Company
  • I found it useful because my coworker and I were complete opposites.
  • I think it will help us recognize our differences and hopefully respect them.
  • Very useful, interesting
  • This workshop helps me to reflect [on] the kind of work I do and the style I usually apply as a manager.
  • I found it very useful and informative. It will help me to understand better the differences, behavior of people.
  • This is thrilling. I learned so much about myself from Life Lenses™ and sincerely crave more info on how to talk to folks from other orientations than mine.
    Dyana Valentine
  • This is a great exercise that has given me insight into how I approach situations and also see a different perspective.
  • Another way to facilitate effective communication: informative – new way of seeing
  • Helps recognize both sides of the spectrum with people and situations I learned some new things, things I can use at work & at home
    ~ Yvonne Marchand, Kardel Consulting
  • The lenses evaluation helped me to learn more about my strengths & weaknesses.
    ~ University of British Columbia participant
  • Lee-Anne, first, I want to thank you for the absolutely brilliant workshop. I rushed out and didn’t speak with you . . . . Interesting enough, at the time, I didn’t think I had gotten so much out of it. . . .Of course, I, (with my 5 greens), make very quick decisions and have very quick opinions. Well the aha came this morning when my husband and I bickered over a common type of situation. . . .I am very touchy feely (5 yellows) and I just bet he is 100000 black (only kidding about the 1000). . . . He depends on logic and facts and always tells me I am toooooo emotional . . . . that I should be logical. So. . . .again, thanks for shedding light.
    ~ Gayle Bertsch
  • The insight I gained was so deep that I still keep the bits of language and cues that I can give other people to help them understand me handy for challenging conversations or situations.
    Dyana Valentine
  • Gave me more perspectives for understanding cross-culture
    ~ University of British Columbia participant
  • Wonderful presentation. Wonderful group. Thanks. I had a great time!
    ~ Baruska Knight
  • Wonderful re-frame for me
  • Very informative & insightful & fascinating
  • I learned lots.  Thanks
    ~ Margaret Ross, Assistant Director, Professional & Social Issues, BC Teachers Federation
  • Really really dig this; huge new life & business changing system
    Dyana Valentine

I’m ready to find out my Life Lenses™ so I can see clearly.

I’m part of a group, department or organization and I want us to see clearly

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