Fishbowl toilets- now that’s creative

If these fishbowl toilets aren’t an attention grabber I don’t know what is.

There are a variety of ways to see these tanks, from an environmental lens to a sociological one:

  • Designed for Chinese families where space is at a premium, they’re marketed as a way to save space
  • They use less water (the toilets use less water because of the displaced room for the fish tank)
  • The company even claims the LED light used to light the tank can replace regular lights in the bathroom, thereby saving on the electric bill.
  • And in an odd twist, the company also says that the fish can provide company for Chinese children (makes sense I suppose in single kid families – as long as junior wants to hang out in the bathroom)

Environmental.  Sociological.   It’s all in your perspective.  What do you see?

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