Lift off! From the 1st tying of shoelaces to 1st ride on an airplane

Photo Credit: Arek Olek via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Arek Olek via Compfight cc

I had just knocked on the neighbour’s door to see my friend & noticed my shoelace was untied.  I bent down to tie it up & I still remember the huge sense of surprise, awe & satisfaction I got when I successfully tied it all by myself for the very first time.

I was so excited I forgot all about visiting my friend & ran back home to tell my mom.

And so it goes.  With repetition, wisdom & the passing of time we forget the delight of seeing, doing, sensing or otherwise experiencing something for the first time.

Climb back in the beginner’s seat.  It’s a delightful perspective.

[At the time of writing this] be the 2,855,489th person to view this charming elderly-ladies’-first-time-on-an-airplane video.

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