6 ways to pivot your perspective from the Amani Institute

Photo Credit: marfis75 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: marfis75 via Compfight cc

I recently took part in an intense, game changing, creative, soulful, thought provoking ‘Social Innovation Safari’ put on by the Amani Institute.

Part of the program was about learning how to pivot, or change your perspective.  You know me, game changing, altering perspective is right up my proverbial alley so I thought I’d share the 6 ways you too can pivot if you’re facing a challenge in resolving a social problem or you’ve hit a roadblock:

1. Zoom in: take an element of your idea that works, if the general, overall idea doesn’t

2. Zoom out: take out a small issue that’s not working in comparison to the larger issue

3. Another Stakeholder: see if you can change things up by inviting another stakeholder in

4. Another Problem: in moving through your idea, perhaps in testing or prototyping it, look to see if there’s in fact another more important problem to resolve

5. Architecture: you may have a nice idea but in its current form it doesn’t work, if so figure out what elements need to be rearranged

6. Third Party Platform: see if introducing another party or platform could help deal with a roadblock

For more information about the amazing Amani Institute check out their website or email the co-founders Roshan Paul roshanpaul@amaniinstitute.org or Ilaina Rabbat ilarabbat@amaniinstitute.org.

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