What lumps & bumps are under your pillow? Their source may surprise you

This video made me laugh out loud. (Take a minute to watch it & then report back.)

What are the lumps & bumps under your pillow? aka what are the things that are flying slightly under your radar?

Here’s the view of a bumpy bed from four of the 8 Life Lens™ perspectives.

From a Carrot Life Lens™ – sees the conflict details (sometimes in minutia) but may miss the big picture. Think Princess & the Pea.

From a Mountain Life Lens™ – notices the view from on high but misses the down home, detailed view. On a bad day think grand, sweeping, generalized (sometimes stereotyped) statements, eg all beds with blue bedspreads are uncomfortable.

From a Heart Life Lens™ – feels the undercurrents, the emotions, the subjective but may miss the tangible, objective. On a bad day it’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve. eg I sense that there are 9 lives living in this bed.

From a Head Life Lens™ – thinks about what’s tangible, objective & factual. On a bad day think of focusing on facts while missing the intuitive. It is not logical that I am lying on people, therefore I am not.

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