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Open your mind before your mouth

Gotta love this photo from Truth Theory. Imagine the conflict, the battles, the narrowing of minds & mouths that would be avoided if we could do this easily & naturally. Imagine.

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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

This is classic Go Life Lens™.  Jump in.  Take a risk.  Push the boundaries.  Go for it.  What have you got to loose? (Inspired by my colleague & friend Jean du Plessis, the image is from Sweet Surrender.)

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Rock is dead, long live paper & other funny perspectives on a classic game

I found the cartoon above when I was looking for credit for the image below.  I couldn’t find the latter but I’m happy that it led to the discovery of the former. Always thought provoking & perspective enhancing.  Step out … Continue reading

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Laying it bare – monthly round up of November Life Lenses™ blog posts

We’re laying it bare. Stripping it down. Peeking in on & playing with perspective. In this monthly round up you’ll find the Life Lenses™ blog posts laid bare for the month of November. Get bare, dive in deep and take … Continue reading

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