Spontaneous heartfelt Jen Louden

Spontaneous and heartfelt is how I’d describe the fabulous Jen Louden.

I was listening to her on a teleseminar recently.  In an inspired moment of brilliance she said, describing herself,  I shoot from the hip and the heart.

Flashbulbs went off for me.

It’s a perfect combination of Go Life Lens™ and Heart Life Lens™.

Spontaneous, let’s go for it, let’s jump in can-do attitude combined with an ease with intuition and gut-knowing.

And you?  What’s your Life Lenses™ combo?

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3 Responses to Spontaneous heartfelt Jen Louden

  1. I said that? Certainly true but i actually said that? Thank you for being my new friend and for being so wise. I am so lucky to learn from you.

  2. admin says:

    Yup- you certainly did my friend. It completely caught my ear. So nicely put. And so fortunate to be in your circle and learn from you! See you soon in Seattle at Seth’s gig. Wahoo!

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