Stop in the name of the Life Lenses™

Caution is the parent of security (Benjamin Franklin)

Do you love nothing better than to have a good think on things?  Prefer reflection to taking action?  Are you known for looking before you leap?  Great at weighing the pros and cons before making a decision?

If so perhaps you’re a stop or know someone else who is a stop, one of the 8 Life Lenses™.

Stop lenses are reflective, thoughtful.  Cogitate, meditate and contemplate are music to their ears.  They like to take their time so they can do the necessary research and follow a thorough process, before making a decision and taking action.  Need to know the procedure for something or which rules to follow?  Check in with a stop lens.  Need to make sure you’ve covered all the bases?  Check in with a stop lens, they’ll show you bases you never knew existed.

The strength of a stop lens is their ability to be contemplative and thorough.  Once a stop lens has made up their mind you can be sure the decision has been carefully considered and thought through.

One of my kids is a stop lens.  The concept of wanting to be surprised is nowhere on his wish list because when something is sprung on a stop lens they simply don’t have the necessary time to think about it, to feel prepared.

Does the idea of carefully weighing the pros and cons of a new business procedure make your neurons dance with delight?  Tend to want to read just one more report, one more research study, one more blog post before making a decision?  If so then you may be a stop lens.  If you’re groaning or I’ve already lost your attention because you just want to get on with things and keep moving then you’re likely the opposite of a stop lens, which is, you guessed it a go lens.

Life Lenses is an interactiveself-assessment tool designed to identify the invisible lenses that you wear, the lenses that colour your perspective and shape how you see the world.  Life Lenses teaches you how to see yourself, understand others and makes communicating easier than you ever imagined it could be.

Life Lenseswill be available online shortly.  Are you ready to see clearly?

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