German Town Tricks Neo-Nazis Into Marching Against Themselves

Photo Credit: Gemma Maree via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Gemma Maree via Compfight cc

Surprise!  Hate to burst your bubble (not really) …

This is a brilliant example of perspective bending, innovative table turning, humourous social change effecting…

On November 15th, neo-Nazis walked through the streets of Wunsiedel. We could not stop them – but we could make them walk for something meaningful: and that is how for the first time a right-wing memorial march became a charity walk – without knowing of the participants. For every meter they walked, €10 went to EXIT-Deutschland – a Nazi opt-out programme. The result: €10.000 and lots of surprised right-wing extremists. But we believe there is more to come. With your support. Engage against neo-Nazis – in everyday life, online or with a donation.

Original source: Huffington Post

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