Simmering & settling into perspective – a college perspective

College life perspectiveOh boy do I relate to this.  Not as a student.  As a mama of my kid who’ll be off to university in less than a year (how can that be when I changed his diaper just last week?!).

Like every community, when you enter it as a newbie, it may look simple.  Simplistic even.

I remember my first day of college.  I was terrified.  I was the first person in my family to go to college & I had no clue about the norms, the expectations, even the vocabulary.  Sociology?  What’s that?

I remember being incredulous that the professors would grade with the same requirements as some of the ‘old’ people in our class (who were likely not a day over 30).

It takes time to enter deeply & simmer & settle into the finely honed perspective that only experience & keen awareness can bring.

May you simmer & settle into diverse perspectives.

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