Life Hacks from John Green’s Mental Floss

Photo Credit: Purblind via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Purblind via Compfight cc

The following is from John Green’s Mental Floss. I’d originally planned to include some other life hacks (a.k.a. things that are re-purposed to save you time & make life a little easier) but I couldn’t find the source & I don’t include stuff in my blog if I can’t credit it.

So fast forward to John Green, which is even better.  Check out the video below to find novel uses for bathrobes, tennis balls, hangers, masking tape, CD spindles & more.

And if you’re thinking that separating the crumbs found at the bottom of a cereal box may not exactly be urgent on your to-do list, I agree.  However, the point here is perspective.

Finding a new one.

Seeing something a different way.

Taking a new view on an old perspective.


As for me, as soon as I get home I’m going to try the cookbook one as I don’t have a holder & it drives me a bit batty when I’m cooking.

Like what you saw?  You can see another of his life hacks here.

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