View from a goddess

F Scott Fitzgerald woman quote
I am celebrating 7 years of monthly gatherings with a small, eclectic group of wonderful women.  We call ourselves the goddesses.  We started meeting because I put out the call.  I’d had enough of not seeing my dear friends.   They responded.  And have kept responding for 7 years now.

I’m celebrating our commitment to each other, to the power of women & to the bonds of love & friendship.

I’m celebrating the perspective that 7 years brings – of love found, of love lost, of births, of deaths, of separation, marriage & divorce, of child-rearing going smoothly & going sideways, of sweet highs & sorrowful lows & everything in between.

As Maya Angelou says they ‘make me proud to spell my name W O M A N.’

In honour of all we’ve done together, all the witnessing, support, tears & laughter I am sharing this BBC film on goddesses (truth be told I’ve only just started watching it but it looks great).

Enjoy the perspective women & history bring.

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