4 Step to Critical Thinking via Edudemic

Critical thinkingLife Lenses™ is all about peeling back the layers of perspective.  Changing the view.  Shifting the sands so new, previously unseen, patterns emerge.

To do that requires critical thinking.  Here’s some great tips on how to think critically thanks to Edudemic.

See the original post here.  Quoted directly from that post are 4 steps to thinking critically:

Step 1: Knowledge

Identification and recall of information is key here. Answer the basic questions (Who, What, Why, Where, etc.)

Step 2: Comprehension

Organize your thoughts, select the facts, choose the ideas. Be able to interpret and paraphrase what you’re reading and learning.

Step 3: Application

Be able to use facts, rules, and apply principles. You should be able to find out information, solve problems, and give an example. This shows a higher level of understanding.

Step 4: Analysis

This is where the true learning really shines. Separate the whole topic or story into components / parts and pick each of these apart. Examine and then infer. Keep going! Do this for everything you’re hoping to learn about. You may just surprise yourself!

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