How to tail a rhino (or the view from a rhino’s butt)

Photo Credit: glasseyes view via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: glasseyes view via Compfight cc

‘The secret to sneaking up on a 3,000-pound black rhino, should you ever need to know, is to walk in its footsteps.  Literally.  Rhinos, it tuns out, have incredible sharp hearing – and the best way to avoid any crackling or crunching during your approach is to step inside our hefty target’s tracks, where the twigs, and leaves are already as flattened as they’re going to get.’ (source: Globe & Mail)

It’s also a great way to gain perspective & enhance your view.  As the old saying goes, walk in someone else’s shoes (or in this case footprints).  See where they’ve trodden, examine what things look like from their viewpoint.

For who knows, the view of a rhino’s butt could be pretty interesting.

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