A different perspective on play, thanks to Fred Rogers

Wise words from the wise & adorable Fred Rogers.

What do you think of when you think of play?

A Mountain Life Lens™ might think of the big picture / how to relax on the whole, while a Carrot Life Lens™ might think of specific things to do.

A Head Life Lens™ might ponder the practicalities of play while a Heart Life Lens™ may focus on how they want to feel.

A Journey Life Lens’™ attention may be focused on, well, the journey, while a Destination Life Lens™ would see the goal of play as important.

A Go Life Lens™ may ask, ‘what are we waiting for, let’s play!,’ while a Stop Life Lens™ may say, ‘hang on, let’s think about this for a minute.’

It’s a matter of perspective.  What’s yours?  Play around with it.


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