Charlie’s Chocolate Factory – finding a neighbour 14,354 km away

charlie chocolate factoryThe strangest coincidences happen when you’re far, far from home. Like when I was on safari recently in Kenya and met THE Charlie of Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. Charlie is somewhat of a local legend & meeting him & his wife in person was a sweet treat (pun intended).

Charlie’s Chocolate Factory is a family-owned and operated business located in the Vancouver lower mainland. In 1970, after several years of being employed by others, Charlie began the business he loves.

I’ve relocated to Kenya for an adventure filled year. It’s a wonderful opportunity to seek out both differences that make a difference and similarities that are significant.

Differences like being able to out on safari for the weekend & sleep beside a hippo frequented river. Differences like living in a developing country.

Similarities like discovering someone from your hometown while you are 14,354 kilometers away from it. Charlie was travelling with a group of folk, all from my hometown area.

Are we more similar or different? Depends on what you look for.

If you look for only differences that’s only what you’ll find. You’ll miss the bridges that connect us.

If you look for only similarities that’s only what you’ll see. You’ll miss the rich cultural differences that enrich our lives & create intricate mosaics.

What made my weekend was seeking out unique & different experiences while enjoying them with a homegrown neighbour.

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