What frames your view? A Life Lenses™ take on provocative video

Is the video below funny, creative, rule breaking and subversive or a waste of time, waste of energy and sadly pathetic?

Depends on your view.  Depends on how you frame things.

A Carrot Life Lens™ appreciates the attention to detail.  A Mountain Life Lens™ likes the strategy.

A Destination Life Lens™ approves getting it done.  A Journey Life Lens™ is enjoying the moment.

A Heart Life Lens™ might wonder why he’s so disaffected.  A Head Life Lens™ things about what tasks he’s avoiding.

A Stop Life Lens™ may worry about getting caught.  A Go Life Lens™ says ‘give ‘er!’

What’s your view?  The frame around your view is powerful.  It affects the view.

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