Barbie’s booty meets Ruby – an illuminating perspective from the Body Shop

Meet Ruby – from an ad by the Body Shop.

Illuminating.  Thought provoking.  Colourful.  Educational.  Insightful.  Creative.

The ad was banned in the United States – Mattel, the makers of Barbie issued a cease and desist order.

From Anita Roddick’s former blog (founder of the Body Shop) – Their reason: Ruby was making Barbie look bad, presumably by mocking the plastic twig-like bestseller (Barbie dolls sell at a rate of two per second; it’s hard to see how our Ruby could have done any meaningful damage.) I was ecstatic that Mattel thought Ruby was insulting to Barbie — the idea of one inanimate piece of molded plastic hurting another’s feelings was absolutely mind-blowing.

It’s a great example of how perspective influences everything.

What’s yours?

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