This light never turns green (& other complaints from Go Life Lenses™)

This photo made me laugh out loud – it’s a perpetual complaint self-assessed Go Life Lenses™ have of Stop Life Lenses™.

Do you know someone who always wants to think things over for a loooooong time before taking action?  Wants to read just 5 more reports before making a decision?  Needs to ruminate, debate, theorize and endlessly reflect?

Likely they are a Stop Life Lens™ – oriented towards reflection rather than action.

Likely also means that you’re a Go Life Lens™ – oriented towards action rather than reflection.   (You have your sore points too, we’ll get to that in another post.)

If you’re a Go Life Lens™ working or living with a Stop Life Lens™ here are some tips for smoothing out rough waters:

  • don’t ask a Stop Life Lens™ to make a decision quickly because their default decision will be ‘No!’
  • if you do have a legitimate reason for asking a Stop Life Lens™ to take action in a hurry, acknowledge that you understand they’d ideally like more time
  • ask a Stop Life Lens™ to identify three key pieces of information they need in order to be able to move forward (e.g. put a limit on things)
  • acknowledge a Stop Life Lens’™ ability to prevent running headlong over a cliff – their caution can save your impetuous hide!
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