Oh, that I could shrink the surface of the world (for some perspective)…

Wang Chien (AD 756–835) eloquently wrote the above when he heard his friend was coming back from the war.  It came my way recently from a dear friend (thanks Michelle for your muse).

It got me thinking about what creates distance and what creates closeness.

Distance is more than being physically far apart, it’s:

  • not feeling understood or worse, feeling deliberately misunderstood
  • not being able to understand, despite standing on your head for trying
  • not resonating, not relating, not clicking with someone
  • feeling like your colleagues are speaking a foreign language
  • feeling like you’re being denied the secret code of inclusion
  • feeling more uncomfortable than an ice cube on a hot summer’s day
  • thinking you got it, but realizing you didn’t
  • feeling awkward and being embarrassed

Perspective will do that.  It can be cannily inclusive or highly elusive.  Shrinking the surface of the world and bringing us together is about a mutually understood perspective.  Being able to see ‘other.’  Being able to include ‘different’.

Like a Destination Life Lens™ taking into account a Journey Life Lens’™ need for processing.

Like a Stop Life Lens™ holding his breath and jumping in, for the sake of a Go Life Lens™.

Like a Carrot Life Lens™ knowing not to step in and ‘fix’ what appears a mess, as things do really work out in the end for a Mountain Life Lens™.

Like a Head Life Lens™ trying really hard to listen and trust their intuition because she’s seen it work so well for a Heart Life Lens™.


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