Are you consistent with yourself? I hope not.

“We cannot remain consistent with the world save by growing inconsistent with our past selves.” ~ Havelock Ellis (1859-1939).

When I set out to design Life Lenses™ it was partly due to feeling boxed in by other assessments, assessments which often don’t leave you room to grow.  In fact, if you change what you assess as it’s seen as a bad thing.  Like being right handed or left handed, some assessments claim you can’t be both.  You’re X or Y.  Period.

Almost every time I take Myers Briggs I end up with different results.   And even though I’m certified to give the MBTI assessment I find it generally confuses folks.

Getting back to the right/left handed idea, I may not be able to write with my left hand but my left hand certainly isn’t useless.  Same with Life Lenses™, which assesses how strong you are for each lens, including whether you’re a tweener and/or extremer.

Tweeners are those who assess right on the border between two lenses.  With a little nudge they could move over and become the other, opposing lens.

Extremers are those who have assessed very strongly with one or more Life Lenses™.  They’re not on the border, far from it, they’re on the extreme.

So how about it, are you consistent with yourself?

Ellis’ quote is our saving grace for if there’s no growth we’re dull or worse yet, dead.  Here’s a toast to inconsistency, with all it’s muddling, human, foibles.

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