What is perspective?

It’s like magic.  When you live by yourself, all your annoying habits are gone!   ~ Merrill Markoe, U.S. television writer.

What we see as normal, natural and right can be annoying habits to others.

How quickly the view can change when the perspective changes.

What a Carrot Life Lens™ sees as beautifully organized can be a migraine inducing, impossible to understand nightmare to a Mountain Life Lens™.  Conversely what is a grand vision to a Mountain Life Lens™ can be a vague, confusing mess to a Carrot Life Lens™.

What a Destination Life Lens™ sees as a clear, articulated goal to can be too narrow and constricting for a Journey Life Lens™.  And what is a natural, unfolding process to a Journey Life Lens™ can be without direction and purpose to a Destination Life Lens™.

What a Go Life Lens™ sees as a fantastic, last minute opportunity can be foolhardy and impulsive to a Stop Life Lens™.  What is beautifully reflective to a Stop Life Lens™ can be navel gazing to a Go Life Lens™.

Where a Head Life Lens™ sees facts and figures, a Heart Life Lens™ sees lack of soul.  Yet what a Heart Life Lenses™ sees intuitively a Head Life Lens™ sees as lacking proof.

How do you see it?  What’s your perspective?

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2 Responses to What is perspective?

  1. Carol says:

    You are not allowed to “holler” must be some deep south Country Club rule. What if you were only “calling out” or “shouting a friendly greeting” – see, it is a matter of perspective.

  2. Lee-Anne Ragan says:

    I think being boisterous has it’s place, as in being enthusiastic, celebrating in the moment. Howdy! Hello! How the heck are you?! Mind you when I have a migraine this sign could come in very handy.

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