Assumptions – an example for how to id & avoid them

Assumptions.  We all make them.  All the time.

What’s worse is we’re usually unaware that we’re making them.  Assumptions that is.

They’re devilishly difficult to identify.  They play with our heads and how we see what’s in front of our face and fortune.

A great example of id’ing & avoiding assumptions is Melodie Biringer of Crave fame.  Melodie has a knack for sussing out assumptions & busting them up (in high heels no less).  When she launched her book Craving Success (a startup junkie’s path from passion to profits) in Vancouver she told a great story of id’ing & avoiding an assumption.

One of her many businesses was once selling gourmet food.  She made a bucket of bucks at Christmas and could have succumbed to signing a lease or three at a mall (in order to sell said food year round).  Instead she turned that assumption on its head and used the then-new concept of pop-up stores.  In for Christmas.  Out for the New Year.  Temporary diggs.  Done.  Diggit.

What assumptions are you making when it comes to:

  • conflict
  • what has to get done
  • communication
  • that new colleague of yours
  • your boss
  • you!

Check out the Life Lenses™ assessment.  It’s a pro for pulling the plug on assumptions.

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