How mountains & cantaloupes go together when it comes to the high view

After laughing out loud at this one, and firmly pushing back memories of ugh-inducing highschool algebra classes that threatened to emerge, the cartoon made me think of the lessons that cantaloupes a.k.a. Mountain Life Lenses™ have to teach us.

On a bad day Carrot Life Lenses™ (Mountain’s polar opposite) can have their head buried in the sand.  Carrots can be uber-focused on details that are neither important or strategic.  Like not noticing that having 60 cantaloupes is a little odd.

It’s mountains who are likely to say ‘hang on a minute, what’s going on here?!’

Because they can see far ahead, Mountain Life Lenses™ can more easily see the big picture and notice when something is amiss.

Before Mountains get too cocky though, know that every Life Lens™ has its good and bad days.  Mountains, on a bad day, can have their heads in the clouds and conversely, not notice the details.

C’est la vie.

Yin Yang.

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