How about a bedtime story a million miles away?

Rising up and gracefully meeting the challenges that today’s ever increasingly fast paced world presents can’t be done with the thinking of yesteryear.

Changing perspective means breaking out of the bonds that tie our brains down.

Encumbered with false assumptions (we’ve gotta do it this way, any other way won’t work, we tried before, it failed), we tend to trundle along well laid paths, head down, focused.

Until, something makes us look up … and … out.  Towards possibilities.  Towards breaking the ties that bind.

Here’s an example.  Whether you have young kids in your life or not, it’s a great example of reinvigorated thinking.

Do you and I have to be with each other to read a book together?  Not the way A Story Before Bed envisions it.  Once signed up, you and your loved one can read the same book and see each other and yet be many continents and time zones apart.

Creative?  You bet.

Endearing?  Of course.

Go get your book on.

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