Can you sum up your life philosophy in a song? Bella can – listen up.

I had a stroke two years ago, my memory’s not so good.  When I get down I simply sing…

And with that I was introduced to the remarkable woman that is Mrs. Bella Kelly.

I met Bella while working in a tiny Northern Ontario community where she’s currently living, though she originally hails from Newfoundland.  Her daughter, Cathy Ann does community engagement work and there’s nothing so engaging as watching the two of them together.

Cathy Ann leaves a note on the kitchen counter when she’s out, with Bella’s schedule, to help prevent confusion.  A sample: 2:00 – 4:00 – Mom relaxes, 4:00 Cathy Ann will be home, 4:30 Mom goes to the community Feast

And so it goes, with a sometimes shaky grasp on the wispy bits of lived memories that forms a person’s life, Bella stays anchored in the present.  If you ever get the chance to meet her, pull up a chair.  She has a smile for everyone who crosses her path.  You won’t have to wait long until she breaks out into song.

If only we were all so wise.  A little faith, one day at a time, makes a big difference in perspective.

And yes, she really is that charming in person.

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2 Responses to Can you sum up your life philosophy in a song? Bella can – listen up.

  1. Kit Woodford says:

    I really enjoyed seeing and hearing my auut do this song,and she sure is a remarkable person. We all miss her here in Hr. Main Community. Loves ya Aunt Bell.

  2. admin says:

    I only met her briefly Kit but I absolutely agree! She’s truly remarkable.

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