Are you a mirror or a lighthouse? Be the one you seek to change in the world.

I was listening cruising down the highway listening to a podcast (the only way I can listen to podcasts) with  Bruce Philp, author of Consumer Republic, speak about buy the change you seek in the world’.  Cool concept.  Made me pause and think.

He also talked about the concepts of mirrors and lighthouses.  I don’t honestly remember the details of what he said because I was immediately off creating my own metaphor.

I got to thinking about the take on perspective.

Are you a mirror?

  • reflecting what’s in front of you
  • bouncing back, reframing what you see and not changing the picture


Are you a lighthouse?

  • sending out beacons to light other people’s journeys
  • changing up people’s paths as you highlight safe harbours and point out places fraught with danger

Either one is an effective communications tool.  They’re just different.  Very different.  I say be the one you seek to change in the world.

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