Do you know the fancy, official wine term ‘DNPIM’?

I recently attended the Forum for Women Entrepreneur’s annual Gala.  It’s a great bash for entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurially minded, although this year I have to admit, when I heard the theme was wine I was a bit skeptical.

With all due respect to sommeliers (whom I think are poets of the mouth), if the wine is red I’ll drink it.  I love to listen to hues of ‘this’ and after notes of ‘that’, but it doesn’t mean I can taste them.

Yet there I found myself, in between delightful dinner conversation with my seat mate John Jacobsen, CEO of Monexa, watching Tony Stewart, CEO of Quails’ Gate Estate Winery, take the stage to talk about, what else, wine.

My yummy chocolate concoction of a desert competed for my attention but when Tony began his talk by with the term DNPIM my attention was diverted.  He went on to say that DNPIM is a term that’s very common in his winery.  Expecting to hear a definition that included something I’d still need to decode, I almost snorted my wine when he said it stood for:

Do Not Put In Mouth

As in a wine that simply didn’t taste good.  No more reason than that.  No good.  Nada.

And at once he had me hooked into his story.  He changed my perspective and he drew me in.  Presto!

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