Is your left leg heavy? Heart & Head Life Lenses™ at odds

My left leg is heavy.  My left leg is heavy.  My left leg is heavy.

How does the above saying resonate with you?  Yes?  Or, not a chance!

The sayings were part of a recent presentation that a student of mine, who I’ll call Michelle, was doing.  She was in a ‘Workshops that Work’ class and it was time for each of the students to get up and practice teaching for 5 minutes.   Michelle practiced by teaching a progressive relaxation technique.

As she demonstrated, the rest of the students had their eyes closed.  They looked like putty.  Slack jawed, they were tuning in to Michelle’s voice in order to tune out and relax.

All that is except for one person, who I’ll call Kristie.

Kristie kept catching my eye and grinning.  She looked like a mischievious little elf.  Her eyebrows arched as if to say what the …?!?!?! She was clearly not engaged in the way Michelle had intended.

During the debrief I pointed this out to Michelle and the class had a great discussion about it.  Kristie charged right in saying how can I possibly talk to my leg? To her logical, factual Head Life Lens™™ perspective such a notion was nothing less than preposterous.  Give her tangibles.  Give her something objective to chew on and she’d be happy.

From Michelle’s intuitive, subjective Heart Life Lens™ perspective she had a tough time understanding how someone couldn’t talk to their leg and other body parts for that matter.

It was a great example of one perspective illuminating another.  Shining some light into an unlit corner.

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