Overheard one dark & rainy night- argument between a Carrot & Mountain Life Lens™

I’d just stepped off the skytrain, Vancouver’s public transit, on a dark & rainy night.  Eager to get home I couldn’t help but notice a big truck parked facing the wrong way on the street, nose to nose with another car.

The man was barely out of his truck when the woman in the car started an anxious one way monologue.

‘Why did you park that way? Wouldn’t it have been better to be facing the other way?’ I don’t get it! Why?’

The man didn’t answer.  He simply lifted the hood of his truck and went about jump starting her car.  As I moved away from the curb, looking for my partner who was picking me up, I chuckled to myself.

Nothing like being a Carrot Life Lens™ under pressure or stress.

The thing about Carrots and stress is they (we!) focus on details that aren’t important or strategic.  The woman with the dead battery was hung up about how he’d parked the truck when the real issue was getting her car going again.

Thanks be to Mountain Life Lens™ who, though they have their own peccadilloes, can help us Carrots keep our heads up and focused on what’s important.

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