Are you in or are you out? A quick reference guide for Life Lenses™

Nobody can pick up everything that comes onto their radar.  Not even the best intentioned, hyper focused.  Some things go by the wayside.

It’s called perspective.  We naturally pay attention to some things.  And to others we say ‘pass’.  This creates places where we shine.  It also creates dark spots.

Life Lenses™ are designed to help you figure out what comes onto your radar easily, naturally and comfortably.  And to see where you don’t see, to illuminate those dark spots.

A quick reference guide is to know where you’re naturally tempted to look.  Take a look (pun intended)….

Want to know more about each Life Lens™?  Simply click on the links below:

(Photo credits (in order): up, down, price, cup, wide, road, face, blue sky)
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