How does a carrot Life Lens™ organize a binder? Systematically of course

I love to create and facilitate training workshops, as much for what I teach as what I learn.  Which brings me to Ms. Binder.

I’d done the Life Lenses™ assessment with an eclectic mix of professionals.  The group knew which Lenses they’d self-assessed as and I was going through each lens, explaining them in detail and giving examples.

I’d gotten to the Carrot Life Lenses™, those who love systems and organizing.    Carrots look down –  their scope is narrow, focused and detailed.

All of a sudden a participant started laughing, saying ‘now I get it, I understand.’

Triumphantly she pulled out a large, very large binder from her bag and held it up.  ‘This’ she said ‘is material from a course, a course that I didn’t even like.  I didn’t like the content and I didn’t like how it was taught.  Even so, I couldn’t help myself organizing the materials.  They were out of sorts and all mixed up.’

With a flourish she pointed to the neat, new tabs, all brightly colour coded, forming an organized, colourful rainbow down the contents of the packed binder.

That’s a Carrot Life Lens™ for you.  Systems and systematizing brings them ease and comfort.  It’s as automatic as panting for a cold drink on a hot day, carrots can’t help themselves but to create systems.

Are you a Carrot Life Lens™?   Or does the thought of organizing a binder fill you with dread.  If so, perhaps you’re the opposite, a Mountain Life Lens™.  That’s a story for the next blog post.

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