My stop then go kid & what I learned from buying a spatula

I have two kids.  One is an extremer Stop Life Lens™ and 1 is an extremer Go Life Lens™.

My youngest stops, then pauses, pauses some more and then goes.  Surprises?  Nix ’em.  He doesn’t like them.  He’s a pro at weighing the pros and cons, reflecting and thinking about things.

He’s a “muser”.

While it can be tough to get him to try something new, once he’s in he’s IN.  No waffling.  No debating.  Count him in.

He’s currently into cooking.  Recently we went shopping for some cooking supplies for him.  He spent 15 minutes debating the merits of one spatula over another.

  • how long would it last?
  • how good would it be at picking stuff up?
  • specifically would the shape of the pick up edge part make any difference (who knew there were so many parts to a spatula)?
  • what did the cut out design (on the picker-upper part) on one have over another? (did you know there are different cut out designs?  I didn’t.)
  • what was the right price to spend?
  • how did it feel in his hand?

It was a fascinating tour through the mind of a Stop Life Lens™ and the gifts they bring …. contemplation, reflection and musing.

By the way, he got a spatula that he absolutely loves.  That’s it above.  Turns out (no pun intended) it’s now my favourite too.

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