What it take to see clearly in Oz's view

I recently had the delightful pleasure of meeting Oz Sokoh at the W.I.N. conference in Paris.  She took part in the 'Life Lenses™; polish your perspective and gain a whole new view' workshop I facilitated there.

I was drawn to her generous smile and enthusiasm for all things.  She's an exploration geo-scientist for Shell by day and a blogger by night at kitchen butterfly (check out her bucket list).  She's the kind of person you can share both a belly laugh and a shoulder to lean on.

I'm fascinated by perspective.  How we all have a perspective but how we rarely identify how it influences, shapes and frames our world.

I'm interested in clarity, in seeing clearly.  In stepping out of our frames so we can get a better perspective.

When I asked Oz to share her thoughts on how to see clearly, here's what she said (30 seconds):

And you – what do you think it takes to see clearly?

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