United Change

Change is hard.  Change is necessary.

Change can be as bumpy as the bone rattling, teeth jarring speed bumps you find on Mexican highways.  Change can be as smooth as a puddle of water frozen on a windless day.

Change is facilitated by throwing out either/or thinking.  Chucking right/wrong thinking.  Dismissing white/black thinking. Saying no way to 'no but' thinking.

Out with dichotomous thinking.  Sear separatist thinking.

Instead encourage blending thinking. Welcome 'yes and' thinking.  Embrace thinking in all colours.

United change means embracing all the colours of the Life Lenses™.  Accepting that each Life Lens™ has its pros and its cons and that while your unique combination of lenses feels right, normal and natural so do the different combination of lenses that other folks wear.

Embracing the various perspectives that Life Lenses™ bring means united change.

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