Countdown continues- 1 more day to the global launch of Life Lenses™

New! Today we’re shining the light on Journey (love the process) and Destination (geared to get things done) Life Lenses™. Which do you think you are?

Simply click here to answer a few questions and enter the contest to win a free Life Lenses™ assessment ($60 US value) . There will be multiple chances to win. We’ll let you know who the lucky winners are on launch day.

Here’s what we’ve heard from those who’ve answered the call so far …

From a self-proclaimed Journey Life Lens™ – “To me, how stuff gets done is more important than actually something accomplished.  If you don’t pay attention to the process you’re in trouble later.”

From a Destination Life Lens™ – “I’m always focused on my next goal, the next thing I’m trying to accomplish.”

Stay tuned for more!

Life Lenses™ is an interactive, self-assessment tool designed to identify the invisible lenses that you wear, the lenses that colour your perspective and shape how you see the world. Life Lenses™ teaches you how to see yourself, understand others and makes communicating easier than you ever imagined it could be.

Are you ready to see clearly?

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