Go! Go! (and I’m not talking dancing but rather 1 of the Life Lenses™)

Every blade of grass has an angel bending over it whispering grow! (Talmud)

Yearning for action?  Eager to get going, step on the gas, keep moving?  Always planning your next move, the next step?  Are you known as someone who gets things done?  Someone who is spontaneous?

If so perhaps you’re a go or know someone else who is a go, one of the 8 Life Lenses™.

Go lenses are geared for action, for doing, for leaping (sometimes before looking).  Jumping in, trying something on the spur of the moment are fuel for their active feet.  Need to make a decision quickly?  Simply ask a go lens.  Need to throw caution to the winds and jump into something?  A go lens will not only hold your hand they’ll push and prod you down the pathway to action.

The strength of a go lens is their ability to make a decision quickly and move forward.  They are delightfully spontaneous.  “No that’s not possible, no we can’t try that” are not words you’ll hear coming out of their mouths.

An old business partner of mine was a go lens.  Before you could take a breath he’d have 15 ideas on the table and already be started implementing 5 of them.

Does the idea of quickly brainstorming a multitude of ideas for moving forward on a sticky problem make you want to shout with glee, “yes, I’m in, let’s go for 50 ideas in 5 minutes and within 10 minutes get started moving on a few of them”?  Are you comfortable taking a few risks?  Leaping before looking?  If so then you may be a go lens.  If a look of horror has just crossed your face and your stomach is quenching at the thought of taking such unmeasured, not thoroughly thought out action then you’re likely the opposite of a go lens which is, you guessed it, a stop lens.

Life Lenses is an interactiveself-assessment tool designed to identify the invisible lenses that you wear, the lenses that colour your perspective and shape how you see the world.  Life Lenses teaches you how to see yourself, understand others and makes communicating easier than you ever imagined it could be.

Life Lenseswill be available online shortly.  Are you ready to see clearly?

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